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The Terra

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Everybody that use HP will understand these rules. It is essential to follow as many rules as possible of Terra Joulle if you want to be one with your body, soul and spirit. Terra Joulle is a lifestyle created through the assistance of the Holy powder from Terra Joulle . As a result, with help from our spirits, we created these rules. These rules allow humans to have the chance to be a part of the seventh evolution; where there is only place for one-tenth of the population.

We do not only want to save a part of humanity but also the earth.


  • Meditate every day as much as possible.
  • Practice every day to be able to sit in the Full Lotus.
  • Let the Terra Meditation method have a high priority in your life.
  • Practice the Terra Breathing Exercises every day.
  • Solve problems with meditation

Nature and any other living being

  • Treat nature just as you would treat a loved one.
  • Listen to the sounds of our nature.
  • Give all nature around us the priority to also have the chance to live.
  • Live with nature, not from nature.
  • Use as little electronic materials as possible.
  • Recycle as much as possible.
  • Recycle, re-use and avoid waste as much as possible.
  • Live and be as much as you can in nature
  • Use natural materials for everything you use (as much as possible)
  • Make your own materials or do your own necessary things (as much as possible)
  • Do not wear shoes with thick soles but barefoots or nothing at all (as much as possible)
  • Receive sunshine and moonshine (as much as possible)


  • Prepare yourself for sleeping according to the rules of the Terra


  • Only consume raw fruits and given vegetables.
  • Let mango be your main fruit in your eating pattern.(if that is possible)
  • You may not consume something that was killed.
  • You may not take supplements or medicines that can be naturally replaced.
  • Consume seasonal as much as possible.
  • Fast according to the rules of the Terra.
  • Only consume fluid if this is not harmful for your body.
  • Babies should only receive breast milk or self-made mango-juice or other self-made juices of fruit (if this is possible and as long as possible)
  • Let the baby's only eat for the first time when they show they are ready for it.
  • Live from your own land (as much as possible)
  • Share the fruits with the other beings

Commitment to love

  • The commitment of love can only take place on from the age of nineteen.
  • You may only have one relationship from the moment you join Terra Joulle. The choice to enter into a relationship must be taken after meditation.
  • You may not have sexual intercourse and have children before the commitment has taken place.

Health, health care and cleaning

  • Use products and materials of natural ingredients (as much as possible)
  • Do not shower with hot water.
  • Depend as least as possible from a heater.
  • You may not sit on elevations such as chairs, benches and stools.
  • You may not change your body


  • Children may not go to public schools that not follow the Terra
  • Bother nature as least as possible while educating.
  • Do not learn or teach information that you do not need to know.


  • Do not get influenced by anything around you.

Pregnancy, childbirth and children

  • You may not take supplements.
  • Only give birth according to the Terra birth-plan (unless you or your baby's life is in danger)
  • Let your children learn from their mistakes through meditation.
  • Always put your children at the first place.
  • Always be a good example for your children.
  • Do not use influenced materials for children
  • Use only toys that are made off safe materials
  • Use only toys with numbers,letters,colors and shapes or nothing on it
  • Only buy toys second hand or from reusable materials (as much as possible)

Medication and vaccination

  • Replace pharmaceutical medication with natural medicines (as much as possible)
  • You may not take vaccinations.


  • You may not have pets (the one(s) you have now are the last one(s) or release in its natural habitat)


  • Celebrate things only according the rules of the Terra.


Meditation has various methods, including the regular daily meditation that ensures that all your thoughts, problems and emotions can find their place. Because everything is in its place, you do not have to worry about it anymore. You can then use that time and energy for other things that can take you further into this life.

As soon as you follow the lifestyle of Terra Joulle you will learn to be emotionless (therefore thoughtless) during meditation. By doing this, you will learn to be one with body, soul and spirit.

It is very important that you think about every thought that comes up in your head. That can be anything for example how you day is going to be or the dream you just had or even happenings from your past that you do not have peace with. These things can be thought out and after a time doing that with every meditation you will become thoughtless. When another thought comes up in your head you just work on that one and your thoughtless again. Our dreams are very important. They bring messages that can prevent situations and also explain situations. Meditation after sleeping is critical to remember what you have dreamed and what it means. To unlock the message you need to unlock the code (the symbolism) in your dreams with meditation.People learned about nightmares or bad trips that is because how you think. It are messages that are not pleasant but necessary. Dreams are also being used for simulations to learn how you react in situations that can accure and train this.