Push Your Life To a New Level

Terra Joulle embodies a lifestyle empowered by the Holy Powder from Terra Joulle, with spiritual guidance at its core

  • Prioritize daily meditation, aiming for consistency and depth. Practice the Full Lotus posture regularly. Embrace the Terra Meditation Method as a priority, integrating it into your daily routine. Engage in Terra Breathing exercises daily for inner peace and vitality.

Embrace a diet consisting mainly of raw fruits and select vegetables. Follow fasting practices according to Terra's rules. Prioritize seasonal foods in your diet and share them generously with others. Refrain from consuming supplements that can be naturally obtained from whole foods.

Commitment to love

The commitment to love is permitted from the age of nineteen onward. Within Terra Joulle, individuals are encouraged to maintain only one relationship upon joining the community. The decision to enter into a relationship should be made thoughtfully, following a period of meditation and introspection.

Don't worry, we have the Holy Powder from Terra Joulle, which can assist you in discovering your true life goals!

Most people on earth generally have a few goals in life: to have good schooling, to have a job, to possess materials, to have children, to become a grandfather or grandmother, to be healthy, to be good at hobby ’s and like those there are more goals.

Everyone becomes happy after achieving these goals. But they will eventually find their achievement normal and no longer be happy with it.
Usually after a time of being happy by achieving a goal there will come a time of being unhappy. This is because we do not live to have these goals. Our body and soul are not satisfied in achieving these earthly goals.

The only thing is that the lifestyle that is described in the terra must be followed.

Learning Plan Made For You

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Donation for the Terra Joulle Land

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Join us in our mission to make a difference in as many lives as possible. While our aspirations are limitless, we recognize the practical need for financial support to enact change in today's world. Your generous contribution will help us take meaningful steps towards our goals. Expect more details in your email after your donation.

Terra Joulle detox

€ 920

Explore the path to holistic wellness with our 14-lesson detox training program. While our primary aim is to empower individuals, we recognize the necessity of financial resources to sustain our initiatives. We offer these sessions for a fee, yet we remain committed to accessibility. If you require financial assistance, reach out to us, sharing your circumstances and reasons for requesting free access. We're here to support you on your journey towards vitality and balance.

In life we have learned to become happy or to feel happy the wrong way.

Terra Joulle: A Lifestyle Rooted in Spiritual Awakening

Terra Joulle isn't just a lifestyle; it's a philosophy we uphold as a sacred creed, akin to a religion recognized by law. In essence, a religion embodies a way of life, guiding adherents through its principles. Similarly, our Terra serves as our "Bible," imparting wisdom on how to navigate existence.

We've cultivated a lifestyle inspired by Terra, offering guidance to those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. Those drawn to our ethos have the opportunity to embrace this transformative journey.

Central to our ethos is the role of our Holy Powder (HP), a divine catalyst that enables profound communion between body, soul, and spirit. Through its guidance, we've crafted a lifestyle that harmonizes these elements, fostering holistic well-being.

While HP serves as a conduit to this enlightenment, our lifestyle extends beyond its use. It's a holistic approach to existence, promoting unity of mind, body, and spirit. Those who embrace it gain insights into its significance, paving the way for a life enriched by purpose and fulfillment.