History of TJ - Holy Powder from TJ

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There was a day that some great people met each other and started with conversating about life and afterlife.
After a while they started to meditate. They had the luck
to be in contact with their spirit because of the long meditations.
They started to learn to be the 7th evolution human.
They learned in the HP world how to make a substance that will help people to be a part of the 7th evolution.
After many tests they noticed they must start sharing the Holy Powder from Terra Joulle.
It is time for everyone to get the chanc
e to use our Holy Powder.
They started to share it and because of
that more people are enlightened and healed from many psychical diseases
First there were
2 people that created HP.
Now there are many Official Tj's that are following the lifestyle of Terra Joulle completely so they can be pure to help others with our HP.

Some people are seeing our Hp as Dmt. It is much better then Dmt that we know. It is a holy powder with the same effect as dmt....but much better. You will travel for a real reason and you will start to be the 7th evolution.

Much love from Terra Joulle

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