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One of the secrets of Terra Joulle


Jul 23, 2019

Now you are going to read something that most of you didn't know.

The Terra is created to prove that we can survive without breaking a planet if we know how we must live.

Nature is at war with the humankind. We dont like that and many other species on other planets do also not like it.

We are proving e that we can live differently so that we can live in peace on a planet.

I'm going to explain to you:

There was a time when the Amazon was not fertile for fruit.

Fruits could not grow in the Amazon.

But….. about 70% Of all the fruit from this world ARE from the Amazon.

But how can 70% of the fruits are from the Amazon but the Amazon is not fertile?

There was a group person. In litarature they talk about a group native indians from the Amazone. We call them in this text Eartharians.

There was group of Eartharians who had spend years to make the ground firtile. If i am correct it was 2000 years that they were working to make the ground fertile.

They had made large pieces fertile by putting layers of different materials on the earth. So, for example, a layer of dead fish, a layer of infertile earth, a layer of pot shards, and skins from nuts from parra, a layer of charcoal that they got after a fire due to lightning.

These Eartharians planted where they went nuts from para because they used the skin for the layers. Nuts from para is also a nuts that you do not need a lot to have enough good things in your body.

There are some things just like the nuts from para that is brought from a other planter to this earth. These thins did not growe here before. Just think….Lets go on

900 – 2000 years wating until the earth became black and that was suitable for planting fruits….They need to do it...Because we need that 70% more fruits on earth…..

Now you just have to think about this: 70% of all fruits groweder first in the Amazone, but the ground was not infertile…..

So does this mean that we only had 30% fruit in this world?

Does those Eartharians have planned 70% of all types of fruit?

So did the Eartharians need 900-2000 years to ensure that the soil was fertile for fruit?

Have they saved the seeds for that many years?

But ... where do the seeds come from if they did not are from the earth.?

You are here now and you have now more qaestion and this is very good. I am pround of you.

The human kind has 1 remarkable skill... We evolve very quickly. 40 years ago we had no smartphone and internet. Now 40 years later, humans have evolved so quickly, so there are even plans to colonize Mars.

They want to achieve this to save our humanity. They are our safers. And they need to evolve to have this possibility for us or. If they do not do this we will kill ourself because our mistakes.

If the climate problems real or not, the earth do not have enough resourches for everyone.

We have seen a lot of rivers gerring dry, lakes and forests do not have enough water. It is to dry on earth.

We as humans need more and more.

The leaders will want to take care of us and are busy with colonizing a new planet.

Most of you already know the plans with Mars.

The problem is that we cannot live there there because there is no atmosphere.

We have no oxygen there, so plants can also not grow there.

They think about 2 different options to solve this problem.

1: Build mega factories so that there are many shades of dust in the air. Mars will have a higher temparatture and it will create the same admosfere just like the eart. This will give them a lot of work and it will take a long time before mars have a atmosphere.

2: They are thinking of throwing large nuclear bombs on Mars. As a result, a lot of dust comes into the atmosphere, which creates an atmosphere faster.

But there is a problem with using one of these 2 methods….

It has already been proven that there is live on Mars. Even in the most cold spots, the most hot spots and even in the most acid places on earth we can find life. Even if they are small organisms.

It will be strange if there is no live on Mars.

So what do we as humanity do to survive? We go to a different planet, we take it over and every living creature will make place for us. The living things must also accept the bombings and the polluted air that we will bring there.

But the organisms, the living things, are not the problem of the human kind. They just have to make place for us. We are stronger. This is just like we invade another country and tell everyone that they need to go away because we want to live there.

We now say that also on a planet where we want to live. There will even be a chance that we will eventually consume the living beings of Mars.

What do you think? That living beings/ organisms accept that? People evolves very quickly. In 40 years the plans have come to go to Mars and they say that this humankind to not exist extremly lonh. Imagine you if there is a living being on a plante that exists miljons years. Traveling to another planet will be an easy task for them.

We believe that humankind had also colonized the earth.

They came with plans.They came here on earth with the thought and wisdom To live here on earth without harming the nature. The eartharians.

Because of this they had taken fruit seeds and a few nuts to plant. Why fruit? Because with fruit you burden the earth the least. You plant a seed and you don't have to dig the soil. The fruit tree grows without need maintenance.

The fruit tree will give more fruits then people can eat, so other living beings will also have extra food.

By only planting fruits, the earth will be extremely little harmed.

Traces of very large populations have been found in the Amazon. Even bigger than some mega city's that we have now.

The only strange thing is that they lived on a small piece of land. This is because they had a few large spaces where everyone had a place to sleep and do their things.

They did not had houses for everybody. That is to muc space and a house gie to much privacy to woman and man. The privacy will help to create more babies. That is the reason they did not have houses for everyone. They lived together. You could not go make babies without some one that know it. That is the prevetion to not get to many people on this planet.

The first people did many breathing exercises so that they can learn not to breathe to much, so that the earth is burdened lesser.

They loved to these. On different methods. Some methodsmaked them high. Some methods makes them seeping or flying. These guys had a lor of fun with doing prana,

Walking, swimming, jogging , meditating and more they did with plessure without harming the nature.

They had many times when there was little or no food because the fruit trees had to be planted. They did not want to burden the planet and had to fast a lot.

900-2000 years it took at least to make the earth fertile and on average 5 years to have fruit.

Unfortunately, there was a group that no longer wanted this because they knew it could also be done on a different way.

They started to live their own life and started caching fish and taking roots because they want to survice on a easy easy way.

It was a small group so everyone build a house. By having a house we they more privacy, which made it more often possible to create children.

Soon more children arrived and humans needed more retouched and more place. Humankind need to use more and more trees and living beings to survive.

Remember...they are living beings.

The nature does not accept this.

You will also not accept if somone day that you must go away from your house or country and that you can even be killed if they have hunger.

Nature has started the war with the humans. Nature is doing everything it can to make it to the human being hard to live here. Nature takes over a place if no one comes there in 15 years. Trees can choose which way they grow up. There is no tree that will grow over a road where he knows that cars can destroy him. He will grow far above the road.

The roots will go under the road surface to break it.

There are many animals that bother people. There are animals that kill people and not because hunger.

All nature and mother earth makes it as difficult as possible for us to live here.

The biggest problem now is that the earth has no control over the weather.

The earth knows exactly which weather is needed on a place/

The earth knows where there should be hurricanes or tsunamis.

All natural disasters are for a reason. Hurricanes are created to cool the earth.

But unfortunately the okans cannot be strong because other people have problems otherwise.

The earth wants to cool down and the hurricanes are getting stronger and stronger. Many people are lucky that they are weakening the orkan with the Haarp Technolgie to weaken the hurricanes.

The problem is that the earth cannot take care of herself.

Mother Earth is preparing to make a big blow. Mother Earth is saving all energy and creating to be the boss of the weather.

The problem is that humans have a big problem if a large port city is destroyed.

Food becomes scarce and people have to do a lot to survive. Mother Earth will have to repeat herself and that will not be gusty for humans.

The Humandkind has almost the possibilities to go to Mars. It is a pity that we will live there on the same way as here on earth. They will also exhaust that planet.

They will also heartlessly take a planet over They will do the same as what happened here on earth. The living organisms will go to war with humans. They will defend themselves.

There is only one but.

We have been very much evolved in not even 100 years. You know that there are 1000th suns? All solar systems also have planets. Manny even look like the earth.

It will not be strange if there are civilizations that have existed for a very long time. Because of this they have also been able to evolve far.

It will not be strange if they can visit the earth. 1 Planet that is no longer as it was will affect the other planets and solar system. This Planet will go or run faster or slower.

There can be entire sunset problems due to 1 change. So it is possible that other life has evolved far enough, so that they know the situation of the humankind. That they know what we do to survice.

We believe that the humankind had the thought to prove themselves on this planet Earth.

Unfortunately, this planet is no longer the way it was because of humanity and there is an opportunity, according to scientists that the earth becomes just like Mars….

Man had lost his chance…

But a group has managed to get the change to for prove ourselves the last time.

The recommendations in the Terra were created during conversations with entities after the use of HP. There have been past years to test everything and to follow everything with trust.

An important thing was that we have been able to show that the most people of the earth can change as long as they get the info and do not have the influences.

The tests have been a success and we were able to prove that with a large group that we can live on a planet in harmony

Humankind can almost colonize another plan. We also had to prove to other forms of life that we can live in harmony on a planet.

HP is here to help people change. HP is created to help people. Those who got HP on their path can be happy and proud.

There will only be place for 10% of the population.

Most of the people who have been in Terra Joulle for a long time follow allmost everything from the Terra.

It is almost not possible to follow everything partly due to the place where you live.

Many TJs sleep outside in nature. They all have a house or cabin to secure things or to hide from rain.

Some TJS live in the Amazon. It is a very dangerous to be there because all animals and insects. There are

many poisonous animals and yet the TJs sleep outside.

We who follow the terra will do everything they can to not burden the nature.

We show our respect and we live together with nature and not from the nature.

Most of us have had to prove ourselves for years to the nature so that nature is for sure that everything that wewant peace.

Nature has left the war with the people who follow the Terra. Tehy do not harm each other

Everyone can change but you have to want it.

My advice: Follow Terra's first quideline. ... mediation. Follow this recommendation for at least 2 weeks. Afterwards you will feel much better and you will continue to apply all the recommendations step by step.

You can ask all the questions you have here.

Much Love from Terra Joulle

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Jul 23, 2019
I like to start discussion. I will love it if there is a person that have arguments why this all is not true.
Lets talk and lets have at the end the same answer.
Do your research. It is amazing to have this info because your lifewill changes.
But do research because this all is unbelieveble .
I love hp and love Terra joulle!

Much love from us!
May 7, 2022
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A Paleo diet is an excellent strategy to lose weight and improve blood sugar levels control. It also helps with insulin sensitivity and reduces guns associated with metabolic syndrome. Hence, the Paleo diet may be the best diet for you! So , why is it the best diet for you? A few things to keep in mind before starting what you eat. So , what's the bottom line? See the research and choose a paleo diet that is right for you!

Long-standing dietary guidelines
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The U. S. Sectors of Agriculture and Health insurance and Human Services publishes often the Dietary Guidelines for Tourists, which incorporate the Harvard Diet recommendations. While the tips are not a substitute for medical assistance, they are an excellent starting point. You should look at following the guidelines for highest health benefits. However , if you are uncertain of how to choose the right diet plan, you can also seek advice from a signed up dietitian.

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Mar 23, 2022
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