I dreamed the world was ending because of covid

Feb 21, 2021
This pandemic has been a never ending escapade of problems. But I feel good lately as things have started to change for the better. Unfortunately I had a very vivid dream about the pandemic and people dying. I even saw my family suffering. It was a depressing and sad dream, but once I woke up, I realized it was all just a message that life is short, and that any day could be our last.


Jul 23, 2019

Thank you for sharing this with us. This kind of messages here make my time more fun.
There is alos meaningoflife that dreamed about the covid. What us going to happen. Until here she is correct.
This isjust the begin.

Tips from people that want to reach more with dreaming:
4 hours sleep a day is very good for your body but you will dream more with more information is you are not tired.
How more energy you have how more you willl dream.

Mediate before you go to sleep and give your body time make you ready for sleep.

Do not use fake light and do not look at a screen.

Go meditate directly after you wake up. KEt that bethe first thing you do when you wake up.

Ask yourself then 3 question
where who what. This will help you to not forget your dreams. Think about your dreams.
After this think about your day that you will have. After that....Go have fun
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