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All my takes in one TR

Aug 1, 2022
I just came by meaningoflife.
I tried for the first time in 2020, with 2 different powder.
My firsts experiences was with a brown powder, ( I wanted to start with a less strong ).

I used a glass bottle, a pipe, and sponge scrapper to do it.

Experiences :

Always solo at begginng.
I started slowly.
The 2nd hit make me discovered the beauty of it.
I was opening my eyes and all became in a cartoon design. ( I saw that was recurrent, it's the first '' level '' )
At this Time, it was not dark, so visuals was not strong enough, and when I closed my eyes : Boom !!
Fractals, colors...
The beautiful word of Dimitri was revealed.
After that I understood that that create a new perception by what u're seeing. It create a vision but if you're in a light place, you don't exploit the potential of it.
So I tried in the night, in a room, with like 3 mini led in the room ( same smalls led wich signal that a component is on power ), and, with fluorescent stars on the ceiling.
And HERE, I just had my beautifulest experience I think.
It was perfect because I was opening my eyes all the time, but I was in the dark, and thinking they was closed. It was like I closed my eyes, with colors and fractals, but the difference was huge : All the visuals I Saw was induced by the stars on the ceiling, and the small LEDs.
Here, the ceiling starting to become a 3D universe, one led become entity, it was a serpent, and all was mooving in a rythmic flow, like heart breath.
I saw geometrical futuristic patterns wich represented a city in the future. I remember only 5% of this because of the complexity of the visuals.

After this, I had a lot of gratitude, and I was euphoric ! I just cried at the end because it was the beautifulest thing I've ever Seen

It was like an adrenaline shot, you're alive, verry happy and '' woaw '' about what you Saw, this during one hour. You just can't sleep.

This was my best experience.
After that, I liked just smoke, sit, and close my eyes.
I had a lot of experiences.
Some of theses was stressful. Maybe because I don't totally let go my body, but I tried with 0.03 or 0.035, and it was like I had too many body effects. Theses effect was oppressing me, It was like a dizzy sensation. Sometimes with small spasms, or with sweat on me, or sometimes cold chills.
It Always create fear beaucause you just can't control this, if Dimitri choose you to go, you'll go. All you can do is accept what it offer for you.

This is bound of your mental. I remember my hardest take, with 0.038, in the day. I was opening my eyes, and I Saw all my room become very tiny. It was like all was compressed on a X axis, and all was streched on the Y axis. It was shuttering.
My vision started to become very blurry, grey, in a '' dark '' atmosphere.
Here I closed my eyes. I remember I was afraid because I heard my father behind the door, wich was actually impossible.
After sweating, i came back, and I was happy, I finished my trip by looking 10mn my cushion, with a lot on 3d, texturing visuals on it.

Theses are my better and harder experiences.
I feel afraid to take more all time because this is very strong, but I feel happy after every take.
I just like the 0.025 level.

I had this during 8 mounths.

I tried to with a Friend in a joint, it was not strong, but we laught together by seeing the threes change nuances of green, and dance, mooving with wind xD.

I make my wife discover it too, with the same setup, dark, some very low led lights, and the result was same as me.
It was the beautifulest thing she ever seen, she cried etc...

Here are my thoughts.
This is a very powerful mystic powder, and you definitly not want to take it every day. But when you feel ready, it's a wonderful short and secure Travel.
I feel not confortable yet for breakthrough.
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