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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Terra Joulle.
To become a member of Terra Joulle we have to inform you that your name will be register in our database.
That your  name will be hidden for everyone and also that you can receive announcements in your email of Terra Joulle.
And it is also fun to officially call yourself Terra Joulle. We can not link this website to the database of Terra Joulle.
Please visit and make yourself there a member. You can send us also a email so we can do it for you.

** You can always send us a message if authorities tells you that you can not have your HP. Our hp is a im
portant instrument in our religion so nobody can say it is wrong that we have it. You can not get problem with having our hp. It is always better to let your hp at home in a dark  dry place***

Much love from Terra Joulle

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